Expert advice,
instant prizes.

Credit support, in-house financing and instant prizes—that’s how we activate auto loans on easy mode. When you purchase a vehicle between April 10 and June 30, you’ll take home instant prizes and be entered to win $1,000.

Cash Prize Entry
$100 Gas Gift Cards
$100 Cash
$100 Outdoor Goods
Gift Cards
$100 for Luxe BBQ

Unlock Your Chance to Win

With thousands of dollars in prizes, get an instant win when you purchase a vehicle.

Watch our 2021 winner get $5000 cash!

We love helping our customers find
affordable vehicles, even if they have less
than perfect credit.

“I had a great experience with Birchwood Credit. Both Josh and Colin were very helpful in getting me a car. They even paid for my first months insurance and filled up my gas tank. I am very happy with the warranty…”

Bev P.

“Birchwood Credit in my opinion is the only place to deal with. My experience was so professional and efficient, full transparency and fair. I’m extremely satisfied with the way Mark set things up for me and I can’t…”

Shayne R.

“Very fast and professional. I had very low credit but
needed a vehicle asap and Daniel helped me get an affordable car with low interest. Made my first car buying experience very easy and enjoyable.”

James H.

Achievement Unlocked: Easy Auto Buying

We make auto financing easy. Learn how our credit experts simplify the process so you can drive away in your new vehicle with confidence.

We explain your credit situation

We’ll discuss your credit score, what it means and evaluate your entire financial picture before establishing your loan terms. It’s our goal to make sure you understand your credit and have the tools to start rebuilding it.

We personalize your vehicle options

We won’t show you a vehicle unless it fits your budget. Our credit experts will select vehicles that meet your feature and financial preferences so you can drive away in something you can afford and get excited about.

We offer flexible payment terms

We take your credit score, entire financial situation and vehicle options into consideration when determining your payment schedule. If monthly payments work better than biweekly, we’ll do our best to make that happen.